A medical industry client came to Pacific States Felt & MFG. Co., Inc. to die cut 1,000 Kydex thermal charger shields. Utilizing a travel head die cutter and custom made tooling, we die cut the shields. This process was followed by CNC milling of a recessed area to make room for a label. We were able to hold tightest tolerances of ±.005″ and a true position of .042″, throughout the entire die cutting process. Each of the shields measured 13.920″ long, 6.900″ wide, and .028″ thick, and after inspection the thermal charger shields were shipped to the client’s Pleasanton, California location.

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Die Cutting Project Details

Product DescriptionThis kydex thermal charger shield is used within a heart pump application.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Custom Tool Manufacturing
Die Cutting
CNC Milling Services
  • Mill Recessed Area for Label
Inspection Services
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartTravel Head Die Cutter
Overall Part DimensionsMaterial Thickness: .028"
Length: 13.920"
Tightest Tolerances±.005"
True Position of Ø.042"
Material UsedKydex
Surface FinishP-1 Hair Cell
Industry for UseMedical
Quantity1,000 Pieces
Delivery LocationPleasanton, California
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Print
Product NameThermal Charger Shield