Die Cutting of Foam Inserts

Pacific States Felt & MFG. Co., Inc. was approached by a customer from the life sciences industry to die cut 10 foam inserts. Utilizing a travel head die cutter, we thru cut the two pieces that made up the foam inserts. The two pieces were bonded together with Silgrip adhesive, laminated, and then inspected. The final foam inserts measured 6.250″ long, 3.675″ wide, and .500″ thick. During the entire process, we held tightest tolerances of ±.010″.

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Product DescriptionThese die cut foam inserts are used within a packaging application.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Travel Head Die Cutting
  • Thru Cut Both Pieces Assembly Service Performed
  • Bond Item #1 and Item #2 Together Using Silgrip Adhesive
  • Laminate Item #1 to Item #2 Inspection Services
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartTravel Head Die Cutter
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 6.250"
Width: 3.675"
Thickness: .500"
Tightest Tolerances±.010"
Material UsedSilicone Rubber Closed Cell Sponge
Industry for UseLife Science
Delivery LocationHopkinton, Massachusetts
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Print
Product NameFoam Insert